Muscle Biplanes

Ultra-powerful, high performance, frequently experimental and homebuilt Muscle Biplanes are flown in aerobatic competition and in airshows. Featuring high power-to-weight ratios, strength, reliability, and rugged designs the biplane offers the pilot a high degree of safety. 

Biplanes may be out of fashion. There is no doubt that uncommon pilot flying skills are put to the test mastering precision aerobatics in these machines. For this reason all those who fly recognize and respect accomplished biplane pilots. For akronauts who build and fly biplanes the personal challenges and rewards are beyond comparison. 

BlackEagle540 on Climb Out

Inspirational Muscle Biplane Details & Photos:

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We seek here to improve upon the basic Two Wing design, and grow Aerobatics with this proven technology. Safe, Strong, Light, and PROVEN Biplane construction provides security throughout it's redundant structures and inherently simple and lower cost components and materials.
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