The Stinker

Pitts S-1-11B

Robert Armstrong - U.S.A.F. Team Pilot  

Making its grand entry into the world aerobatics arena, Robert Armstrong flew the Aviat Aircraft S-1-11B biplane. A highly-modified version of the Super Stinker designed by Curtis Pitts, the S-1-11B was created to win in international competition, and it was customized to fit Robert precisely. Tthis was the only biplane at the WAC, since monoplanes have taken over as the silhouette of choice, internationally speaking. All ten team aircraft are powered by Lycoming I0-540 engines, each producing at least 300 hp. Such high horsepower is a critical factor for remaining competitive in the Unlimited world today.

Rober Armstrong Robert Armstrong
The Curtis Pitts Big - Stinker The Orignal from Curtis Pitts 
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