The Macho Stinker


A derivative of the Pitts Model 12 enters modification

Stinker Prototype - Morph

Kimball Pitts Falcon below:


Ben Morphew's Project







Yes that is the Original One Design back there !



Kevin Kimball sent us the following pictures immediately after the initial flights of (serial number 2) the yellow and purple Macho 12 Pitts. Click on a picture to send Kevin Kimball some E-mail. Serial number 2 and 3 are the modified Pitts Model 12 "FALCON" produced by Jim Kimball Enterprises in Florida.

or Get the Kit

Empty wt:  1472lb  with smoke system (read 240lb less that suk29!)

Ben's 1565.

1575lb static thrust

gross 2250

54gal gas

stall 65mph

ind Take off roll:  250ft

3 point liftoff

80mph over fence 7 or 800 ft to stop after touch

Excellent center and balance on controls all 3 axis










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