Stewart Airplane Factory


Shelton Stewart
Owner - Builder - Pilot - Competitor
200+ H.P. by Dick Demars
Spinner by Grove (the landing gear people) 
Cowl by Doug Dodge ( the One Design builder)
Prop by Bernie Warnke
Wheelpants by Harbor City Ultralite
4-in-1 Exhaust by Sky Dynamics (Kevin Murray) 
Competitors love BIG RUDDERS
    Tilted seat back (3 inches at top)
    .020-.025 Sheet metal with Flush Screws
    .080 Lexan belly panels and side windows
    Additional fin rib ( wood build up truss) 
    Straight lower stringer (to improve belly lines)
    Large Rudder (Hammerhead improvement)
    Stainless steel firewall to match Doug Dodge Cowl
    Naca Duct to Oil Cooler 
    Spring Gear, Lamb tires with small wheelpants
    Haigh tailwheel (modified with tiedown release hook)
7/8 Ailerons for Unlimited
    Extended 3 inches per side
    7/8 span pressure balanced ailerons (+/- 30 degree travel)
    additional ribs added to inboard bays 
    Reduced dihedral in lower wings 
    Wooden leading edge
    No upper wing cutout
    replaced small rib with full-size at tip and reshaped tip 
    removable tiedown rings 
a nice place to practice
but you must follow the rules !!
Two Piece Cowling
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