BlackEagle540 on Climb Out Photos of an Experimental Modified
Christen Eagle
The original BlackEagle540 mission team set out to build an Unlimited Class precision flying and competitive aerobatic aircraft from the original Christen Eagle II airframe design. Twenty years earlier, stock 6 cylinder motors and fixed pitch propellers launched the world famous "Eagles Flight Team", but these aircraft lacked sufficient roll rates and were under powered by today's competitive standards. Over the course of the last five years, Avanzata AirWork has completed building and testing over one hundred modifications to the basic Eagle airframe. Last year Avanzata installed a 310+ horsepower high-tech power plant, highly modified induction and exhaust systems, the M&T 200 constant speed wooden propeller, and an Airflow Performance fuel injection system. With a power plant producing over 1490 pounds of static thrust, and having a ramp weight of 1130 pounds today, this former stock Eagle joins the ranks of a hand full of other ULTRA POWERFUL aerobatic biplanes we call a;


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Americans Love Biplanes

We seek here to improve upon the basic Two Wing design, and grow Aerobatics with this proven technology. Safe, Strong, Light, and PROVEN Biplane construction provides security throughout it's redundant structures and inherently simple and lower cost components and materials.
If you love Biplanes, join our Biplane ThinkTank by providing your email address below. We would like to share everything there is to know about the modern Aerobatic Biplane, and would be glad to accept your articles and photographs for posting here.  If you own a Pitts, Eagle, Stinker, or any competitive biplane you owe it to yourself to join this group and share the knowledge. 

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