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Articles, opinions, suggestions or anything contained herein are strictly the opinion of the individual writer. Airplanes are potentially deadly, and you would be very foolish to act on or believe anything submitted by an amateur builder without further direct verification by an expert or the factory!

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GRAY EAGLES are our center of knowledge and active focal points in various Aeries of the world. An Aerie has a center but no boundaries. To qualify as a Gray Eagle they:

  have certainly flown and most likely built an Eagle
have become mesmerized with the Eagle II's integrity
nurture contact among all Christen / Aviat Eagle enthusiasts
know the active Eagle II's owners, pilots, and builders within their Aerie
encourage article contributions to - The Eagle Interchange
inspire others to organize Eagle-Ins.

  You may obtain the identity of the Gray Eagle in your area by sending a message to us or writing to the Eagle Interchange.



Eagle Lore:

Eagles are members of the family Accipitridae, subfamily Buteoninae, and are within the Falconiforme group. These are diurnal birds of prey normally active only in daylight. At night they are quiescent on roosts, some even roost on the ground, usually alone or in pairs, infrequently in flocks.

- Diurnal Routine -
Upon awakening to call, there is a spell of preening, followed by expelling an accumulation of cast pellets and defecating. They do not hunt well until after casting. The need to kill is increased at certain stages of the breeding cycle. The ability to kill is severely hampered during adverse weather. The typical bird of prey does not spend much time in water or bathing. Up to three fourths of each day is spent sleeping, resting, or doing nothing. The balance of time is devoted to playful aerial evolutions or to social gatherings which are usually limited to a select few. Those who have watched the matchless flying of Eagles cannot help but think that, in spite of certain privations which may have been endured, the life of a healthy Eagle is an enviable one.

The author of these pages is an Eagle builder and aerobatic competitor.
  Please send your comments, inquires, and complaints regarding
the material contained herein directly to me:

Kurt O. Haukohl
Avanzata AirWork
120 Sawgrass Lane
Dayton, Nevada 89403-8706

(916) 825-3102

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