The HIPEC Covering System


Fabric Covered Aircraft

The HEART of the HIPEC Covering System is HIPEC Sun Barrier

which is :

-primer / sealer / base coat / light block and POWERFUL adhesive.

- all in one single component, moisture cure product.

HIPEC Sun Barrier has remarkable tenacity and ELIMINATES THE NEED FOR RIBSTITCHING !

HIPEC Sun Barrier is flexible over a wide temperature range.

HIPEC has resisted cracking to -50 degrees Celsius ( -72 Fahrenheit ).

The HIPEC System has been lab tested to 60 degress Celsius ( 140 degrees Fahrenheit) in intense Ultra Violet light and pressure of 120 psf WITH NO RELEASE FROM RIBS !

First :
The fabric is attached with HIPEC Attach GLOO to the perimeter of the structure being covered.
Seam tape is not required with HIPEC Attach GLOO.
Fabric is tautened with a hot iron.
Standing fibers are sealed down without taping.

HIPEC Sun Barrier is applied by brush through the fabric to attach fabric to the structure, then the entire surface is coated with HIPEC Sun Barrier to seal, prime, block out the light and act as base coat.

HIPEC Primer Surfacer is sprayed onto the HIPEC Sun Barrier while it is in the "sticky dry" stage, making an excellent sandable conversion primer for the HIPEC Top Coat Color.
(Where only one color per surface is required, this step may be omitted.)

One coat of each HIPEC Top Coat Color is sprayed on.
HIPEC Top Coat,is available in an infinite variety of colors, gloss, semi-gloss, pearls, fluorescents, dazzling metallics and clear.

HIPEC Top Coat is very Ultra Violet resistant and is flexible.

The HIPEC finish is easily patched if damage occurs. Touch up spray bombs available for stripes and detail.

HIPEC covered aircraft have been flying since 1964. Some are aerobatic aricraft, some with wing loading of over 12 psf, some kept outside in intense summer sun, to - 40 degrees Celsius winter cold, and in dry or in damp climates. No matter what the ordeal, HIPEC Coatings withstand terrible abuse with hardly a blemish. Finishes retain their gloss and flexibility almost indefinitely !

There are many aircraft in North America which have used the HIPEC System and having had the product applied over 20 years ago, the surfaces are still in good condition.
The two major advantages of the HIPEC Covering System are:

The HIPEC Sun Barrier can be used to adhere fabric to the wing structure as well as the benefit of great longevity.
The HIPEC Covering System gives you the benefits of:

Smoother airflow over the wing, so better performance.
Continuous fabric attachment instead of intermittent attachment, so there is more even loading of rib.
Stronger ribs because there are no holes drilled into ribs.
Lower labor because: Rivetting, ribstitching and taping are eliminated.
Lower Cost because: Rivets, ribstitching, reinforcing tapes, surface tapes and extra coating to fill tapes are not required.
Clean appearance. Only One to Three coats required, resists running better than most other finishes.
Light Weight.
Easy to patch with pre-coated patches and other techniques.
Coats metal or composite, no need for matching enamels.

The HIPEC System of attachment of fabric to lifting surfaces, such as to capstrips of wing ribs, is accomplished simply by painting the fabric surface with HIPEC Sun Barrier. HIPEC Sun Barrier soaks through the fabric and adheres the fabric to the structure. For most fabric covered amateur built aircraft and ultralights, it eliminates the need for ribstitching, reinforcing tapes and surface tapes. This saves considerable labor, cost of materials, and weight of extra finish that may be required with other finishes.

HIPEC is available in an infinite number of gloss colors, semi-gloss, pearls, fluorescents, dazzling metallics and clear.

HIPEC is very economical to use compared to other types of finishes.
Since HIPEC has advocated attachment of the fabric to wing ribs using HIPEC Sun Barrier;

The following tests were performed:

A series of lab tests performed over 2 years on the HIPEC System has been completed by a University of Alberta Co-op Program with National Research Council IRAP (Industrial Research Assistance Program) funding. The tests were conducted under the supervision of a Professional Engineer & and an Aeronautical Engineer. The results are as follows:

1. HIPEC Sun Barrier would secure polyester fabric to rib structure in 60 degree Celsius temperature, intense Ultra Violet light and with a pressure of 120 lbs./sq./ft. for four days. Tests were conducted with steel tube ribs, aluminum tube ribs, wood ribs, aluminum channel ribs and aluminum angle ribs.
2. HIPEC Top Coat is very inert to Ultra Violet light.
3. HIPEC is unharmed by prolonged exposure to fuel oil, hudraulic fluid, salt water, ag sprays, and alcohol. Short term exposure to acetone/MEK (methyl ethyl detone), paint solvent and mild acids does not harm the surface.
4. Burst tests using HIPEC coatedLincoln Cloth (3.5 oz./sq./yard) consistently withstood up to 325 lbs./sq./inch to 425 lbs./sq./inch. Butyrate doped Lincoln Cloth would leak or blow doped fabric off the structure at pressures from 0.2 lbs./sq./inch to 160 lbs./sq./inch.

There was some concern expressed that HIPEC was so strong that it would chemically deteriorate the polyester fabric. Two types of tests were conducted to evaluate this concern. First, yarn specimens were coated at one end with HIPEC Sun Barrier and pull tested. In every case the uncoated section of the yarn broke. Secondly, specimen Ceconite yarns were totally coated with other dopes including Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB), Polybrush and HIPEC Sun Barrier. After pulling a number of coated and uncoated yarns there was not enough difference between the breaking strengths to say one is better than the other. Certainly, no evidence exists that HIPEC was deteriorating the polyester yarn.

Finally, how can reliable covering attachment inspection be done if only the top surface is accessible?
HIPEC has produced a Manual entitled :
"Inspection Procedure, Aircraft Covering, Fabric Attachment to Structure" - PN 931101
- ( PN 931101 Available for $7 or FREE with the HIPEC Manual )

The production of this manual involved an extensive study into the various ways to conduct tests so that useful test results were produced. Following the procedure is an easy and inexpensive method for testing whenever damage is suspected or during periodic inspection
Another test series found that fabric attachment strength could safely hold
at 16 lbs./in. of attachment at 60 degrees Celsius ( 140 degrees Fahrenheit ).
The HIPEC Manual :
- "The Modern Method of Covering and Finishing", 17th Edition, is available from Falconar Avia Inc. $16.
Falconar Avia Inc. is presently looking for new distributors world-wide.
Should you be interested in applying HIPEC Covering System or HIPEC Top Coat to your aircraft or in becoming a HIPEC Distrubutor to assist others in the aviation community,
by delivering a quality product which has been proven over the last 20 years, please contact:

HIPEC Covering System holding "Chuck" (over 200 lbs.)
"Chuck" is standing on the FABRIC attached with HIPEC to the perimeter & center rib of test panels.


"HIPEC Products Ready to Ship to You"

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We would very much appreciate your comments or questions, please send us an E-mail to let us know what your aircraft project is or what design you contemplate building in the future. In addition to the HIPEC Covering System, Falconar Avia Inc. sells plans and kits for several popular designs. Falconar F9A,F10A,F11A,F11E,F12A, AMF Super 14D & H, Cubmajor, 2/3 scale Early Bird Jenny, SAL 2/3 scale P51 Mustang, F30 Floats, Fauvel AV-36 & AV-361(flying wing gliders), Mignet Flying Fleas: HM14, HM16, HM290/293, HM360/380; Ercoupe Mods, Little Demon VW Conversion Manual, ARV-1 Golden Hawk (Ultralight) sold in kit only. We fabricate parts in steel, aluminum, plexiglass and composite and have many aircraft parts and fabric available.

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