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A truly great MUSCLE BIPLANE produces more thrust than it actually weighs in a competition configuration, with a pilot on board... anything more is nice.

BlackEagle540 on Climb Out

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Blue BallThe Motor - POWER - 50% of the Competitive EdgeRed Ball
Blue BallTailwheel Choices - Never ending quest for the right tailwheelRed Ball
Blue BallSpring Landing Gear Mods - Apply to many Spring GearRed Ball
Blue BallSmoke & Aux. Fuel - Tanking UP to meet Our needsRed Ball
Blue BallSix Cylinder Weight & Balance - Aerobatic Envelope StudyRed Ball
Blue BallProject Ideas, & Considerations - Stinker ChangesRed Ball
Blue BallPitts Factory Tour Photos - Biplane Factory DetailsRed Ball
Blue BallMajor Repairs & Spar Damage - Aileron flutter & broken spars, food for thoughtRed Ball
Blue BallLycoming Piston & Counterweights - An updated need for oil changesRed Ball
Blue BallList of Kit Manufacturers - Mostly Ultralight but good for sourcing parts & ideasRed Ball
Blue BallHIPEC Paint System - We like dope & urethane processes - NO Stitts coatingsRed Ball
Blue BallFuselage Cracks & Mods - Common weaknesses to older biplane framesRed Ball
Blue BallFuel Pump ADs - Frequently overlooked common DangerRed Ball
Blue BallCurtis Pitts Patents - High Performance Biplane Design InfoRed Ball
Blue BallConstruction Photos - Some rebuilding & recovering picturesRed Ball
Blue BallChristen Inverted System - Drawings of the Oil SystemRed Ball
Blue BallCalculations for MAC & C.G. - Planning early for planes that fly rightRed Ball

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Individual Builders & Manufacturer Idea Links

Beyond the Pitts
Dan the Pitts Man
Culp Special
FAQ - Homebuilt Certification
Kimball - Pitts / Falcon
Lee McGees Garage
Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome
Pitts Model 12 List
Pitts S-1-11b
Raven Aircraft
SkyDancer Aviation
Stolp Starduster
Wolf - Pitts / Samson


(other) Inspirational MusclePlane PHOTOS:
Clipped Cub -  John MacGuire - "Muscle Cub" + 200 HP
Super Ag-Cat -  Turbine Raw Workhorse MuscleBiplane
Beechcraft Staggerwing D-17 -  Class, Muscle, Two-Wings
The Texas Hurricane - A Friendly Monoplane Full of Clever Ideas

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