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I have a new Pitts S1-11b fuselage for sale. Welded by a licenced welder.
Dan Christian <chrima@orc.ca>
Stratford, on Canada - 
If you are building up a 4 cyl engine or want to convert your existing engine to a front mounted prop gov (need different cam + gears) I have a really good deal for you. IO-360-C1E6 crankcase yellow tagged 3-29-99/ never out of shipping container. Outright $1800. Chris 480-807-1063 or
chris huey <clhuey@sprynet.com>
USA - 
I have a brand new (never installed) Hartzell C/S prop for sale. Model HC-C2YK-4CF, blades FC7666A-2. This prop has the old style hub that requires the AD inspection.
I am looking for wings for an S2B, used or any condition. ANY condition.
Peter Beauchamp <akrorobinhood@email.com>
Tuscon, Arizona USA - 
Pitts S1S project for sale. Ready for cover and your engine. Asking $12,500 or best offer. New Interest forces sale. Please E-mail me for more details.
Mark Armand <maarmand@mindspring.com>
Mebane, NC USA - 
Trade for two place Pitts or Eagle . See "TERMINATOR " add on this site. Consider partial cash and Eagle complete kit.
Tim Whittaker <WhittaTA@BP.com>
Bonners Ferry, Id. USA - 
Pitts S1 wings. Covered , painted ( see "TERMINATOR ") on Muscle Biplane page. "I "struts , ailerons , wires , slave struts , fairings , etc. Just bolt em on !!!!!! 3 hinge , longer span aileron , smoke tank , camera mounts. $12,500.00 OBO. Outstanding roll rate !!
Tim Whittaker <WhittaTA@BP.com>
Bonners Ferry, Id USA - 
Pitts "TERMINATOR " IO-540 Powered Pitts S1. This one was done right !!! See Picture on Muscle Biplane Page !!!! Sacrifice at $ 75,000.00
Tim Whittaker <WhittaTA@BP.com>
Bonners Ferry, ID USA - 
Ryan Industries 1-800-4217926, 914-6352754 ask for Tracy I wanted to note this here as a source for smoke pumps and smoke injection systems and tanks. Everybody is always asking !!
USA - 
I am looking for a Pitts S1S canopy and rails. I am also in need of a fuel tank site gauge. Please let me know what you have and your price. Thanks
Mark Armand <maarmand@ mindspring.com>
Mebane, NC USA - 
Starduster SA300 2 place. 160hp, 580TT. Enclosed and heated. New king radio. Well equipped Contact John Haayer owner 902-538-8651 $35,000 CDN approx $21000 USD
Jeremy Dann <jdann@ns.sympatico.ca>
Kentville, NS Canada - 
1980 S-2A: 2200TT/510 SMOH. ANR headsets, one Strong Chute, Smoke, Spades, Sighting device, Two place canopy. $65K. Hangered at Shannon Airport (EZF), VA.
Brian A. Donnelly <BADonnelly@Compuserve.com>
Fredericksburg, VA USA - 
I am in need of wings for an Pitts S2A/E. Kits are acceptable. Also damaged wings if they can be reasonably reparied. S2B wings or Eagle Wings may be usable. Also need 2-Place Canopy for the S2. Any one know where I might find any of this, please contact me. 919-303-3407.
Bruce Jordan <N73BJ@AOL.com>
Apex, NC USA - 
WANTED to buy Christen Eagle Wings, Pitts Wings, in hopefully unused or new condition. Kits OK !!
Tim Donovan <timothydonovan@hotmail.com>
Boston, MA USA - 
Wanted: Acrosport 1 with at least 125hp in excellent condition or Pitts S1C. Call 919-563-0223
Eric Minnis <Acro1eric@aol.com>
USA - 
Kurt this page is really nice. Please keep adding to the documentation, it is all we have out here sometimes !!
Roger Merris <rmer@cte.net>
USA - 
PLEASE NOTE EVERYONE !! We copied the older parts listing over here into the new domain. Your stuff is still listed here but in reverse order. Sorry for this inconvenience. Please let me know if you sold any big items by email !!
Kurt Haukohl <BlackEagle540@musclebiplane.org>
Dallas, TX USA - 



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