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This page has a database of the world's airports, can find multistep great circle flight paths from one airport to another, and also maps and current weather. It shows how small airplanes can fly long distances.

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The default route below is from Waxahachie (K4t6) to Van Nuys (Kvny), with an intermediate stop in Elpaso (KELP), in a plane that can comfortably go 375 nm between stops, such as a BlackEagle540. Using IFR routing will generate a huge amount of output, detailed flight plans for each step. Use the search button below to find ICAO airport codes.
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Weather links for BGBW (Narssarsuaq, Greenland) Info on ESSA airport, Stockholm (Arlanda), Sweden Info on PVC navaid (VOR or NDB), Provincetown, USA Info on ASM waypoint, Eritrea Info on A338 airway, New Zealand to Antartica
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Example: Boston-Stockholm in 450nm steps Example: Boston-San Francisco in 40nm (!) steps
AVN Model Forecast for any Lat/Long

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